East Timor

East Timor

Timor-Leste (East Timor)

‘The land where the sun rises – the land of Lorosae’
May 2002, the East Timor became the first country which won independency in the 21st century. It was under occupation of Indonesia.
During the Indonesian occupation, approximately 200,000 people in the Eastern Timor lost their lives. With the independency, the issues around relation with Indonesia, social instability, lack of job for the young and poverty surfaced.
Across this new born country, I saw many children. In fact, the average age of the population is 16 years old. When these children become older, will these problem be solved?I sincerely wish so.
Then, what can I do for them?


「日出ずる国。ロロサエの国」 東ティモールという国は、小スンダ列島にあるティモール島の東半分とアタウロ島、ジャコ島、そしてインドネシア領、飛地にあるオエクシで成る。それ以外の周りの島々はインドネシア領である。
2002年5月 ポルトガルの植民地、インドネシアの占領から解放された。21世紀最初の独立国となった。