South Sudan 

South Sudan 

South sudan

The Sudanese government has accused Uganda of supporting the SPLA (Sudan People’s Liberation Army). The SPLA claims that it has only been operating inside Uganda.
The SPLA remains the main southern organization negotiating an end to the conflict in southern Sudan. In 2005 a peace agreement between the SPLA and the Sudanese government resulted in a formal agreement for autonomy for southern Sudan.

The SPLA training center is located close to Juba City. It is the place where people can learn practical and educational skills to become soldiers. The large compound of the center has schools and accommodations, where even families of soldiers can live.

Soldiers come here for different reasons. Even the training would be hard, they are guaranteed a place to sleep and eat here, not only for them but their families. It may be a good reason for them to choose coming here rather than living in a town where they cannot find work. Even some of them may not even want to be soldiers.

These young soldiers join training hard every day.