Democratic Republic of Congo

The war in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been called the worst ever war in the history since World War II.

The country bears a negative history in terms of the number of victims, inhumanity such as robbery, rape, and massacres, and the starvation of refugees.

And even now, in the eastern part of the country, including Kivu Province, fighting and poverty continue to cause large numbers of deaths and refugees. Despite this, the problems remain unresolved to the extent that the world has almost abandoned the country. The Japanese media is no exception to this – the situation is totally disregarded. Looking at the world, economic growth and globalization have improved the standard of living for billions. Yet, not everyone on the planet enjoys that.

Globalization is supposed to be fair to include everyone on the globe. It is a humnan nature to have an instinct to help those who are suffering, and people have demonstrated in natural disasters and calamities around the world. In response to the gigantic earthquake and tsunami in Indian Ocean Coast in 2004, where 230,000 lost their lives and left towns and villages destroyed, people around the world went for donations to support affected people on an unprecedented scale.

In the DRC, deadly tsunamis and floods of disease and hunger occur every day. These waves engulf the country in secrecy and receive little coverage by media. The victims die quietly in their shabby homes, unseen. But the loss of people’s live is no different from that of the tsunami in the Indian Ocean.